What you receive with your new kitten

  • Health checks (x2)
  • Vaccinated F3 (x2)
  • Desexed
  • Microchipped in new owners name
  • Flea free and worm treated
  • Litter box trained
  • 6 weeks free pet insurance
  • Provided with Registered Pedigree Papers, transferred into new owners name
  • Re-homed from 12 - 16 weeks
  • Kitten package (local only)
  • Interstate Transportation can be arranged at buyers expense through JetPets at discounted rates
  • Lifetime Breeder Support

All kitten buyers receive

  • Pet Carrier - PP20 Airline approved if flying kitten to new home
  • Blanket
  • Gift vouchers to the value of $80.00 to spend on your new furbabies

About our wait list

How can I secure a spot on the wait list?

Please click here for more information concerning our Wait List.


Please remember that we always have First Pick out of all our litters as we are constantly striving to better the breed, and that starts with keeping our great lines at times. If a deposit was already paid it will be used as a deposit on another kitten.



When can I come to visit my kitten(s)?

Upon receiving a Deposit, we will also do our best to accommodate an appointment for you to come and visit once the first set of Kitten Vaccines has been administered at 8 weeks of age. To ensure our, as well as our kittens Health and Safety we do operate as a "closed cattery". This is to ensure that the kittens are not exposed to any outside parasites or infectious illnesses that come in on visitor's shoes, clothing and hands. We are happy to show you Mum and Dad if they aren't breeding. We understand that you want to ensure you're buying from a reputable breeder and that these animals are loved on the way they should be but with our own safety and health in mind these are the ways we will accommodate any questions or concerns you may have. In addition, we can obtain firsthand testimonials from some of our loving Jazzapurrs Families upon request, and provide video & photo updates regularly.

When can I bring my kitten home?

Your kitten will be able to go home with you a few days after he/she has had their last set of vaccinations and neuter/spay surgery (between 12 and 14 weeks of age, depending on their weight).

How can I make sure I am completely prepared for my kitten coming home?

We have put together some very detailed information on all things "bengal" that you should be aware of well before bringing your kitten home with you. You can find all this information HERE. If you have any additional questions we have not answered on our website, please send us a note and we will answer all your questions.

If I need help or have any questions when I get my kitten(s) home, what should I do?

With each kitten that leaves our cattery, we provide support for the entire lifetime of that kitten. You are welcome to contact us at any time for support. In fact, we encourage our clients to stay in touch over the years so that we can see the kitten as it grows up!

We try our BEST to ensure that everyone involved from you the Buyer, down to all of us here at Jazzapurrs Bengals are all safe and feel confident when deciding to adopt your Bengal Kitten from us. We have given extensive thought to the whole process with my life's moto in mind "to treat others as I want to be treated" and feel very confident that with all the things we have implemented you can rest assure that when you choose Jazzpurrs Bengals you, and your furbaby are treated in a respectful and ethical manner.

Well, I think this about covers all the important stuff. We look forward to reviewing your Questionnaire and chatting with you soon!