Wait list

Wait list

We want our kittens first home to be their FOREVER home. So PLEASE be sure that you are ready to commit to a life time of pet ownership.

At Jazzapurrs Bengals we have 2 Wait list options -

  1. Our Normal Wait list which is free has now been closed. Priority wait list is still open.
  2. Or our Priority Wait list which requires a deposit of $250, this comes off the price of your kitten. The Priority Wait list guarantees you a pick of a kitten from either our next available litter or any future litters. Priority Wait list is given first option before our Normal wait list.

To be added to our Priority Wait list the first step is to please fill out the attached KITTEN QUESTIONNAIRE & APPLICATION FORM, I will then email and advise you of the next steps, all applications are time and date stamped so we know who has submitted their application and in what order.

We reserves the right to change our mind regarding the sale of any of our kittens at any time.

All of our cats come from top quality and champion lines and all pet kittens are sold spay/neutered before leaving our home. This is non-negotiable unless kitten is sold with Breeding rights to an approved registered cattery.

They will also leave with health certificate, health guarantee, and all required vaccinations.

Matching you with the right kitten

Each kitten is special and unique. Deciding to add one of our babies to your family requires life long commitment.This is the reason why it is so important to think carefully about your decision to add any new pet to your family. Please let us know what kind of kitten you are looking for, what your day to day life is like, the members of your family including pets. The more information we have about you, the better we can match you with the perfect kitten!

Please supply as much information as possible via our KITTEN QUESTIONNAIRE & APPLICATION FORM . Remember there are no right or wrong answers! Just like people each kitten has their own unique personality and some are just naturally more outgoing, quiet, playful, more interested in their people vs other cats, or would be likely to love a buddy. Bengals are very adaptable cats. The more time and love that you devote to your relationship, the better pet you will have!