Pet Bengal Kittens


Snow Bengals (Mink, Sepia, Lynx-point) Rosette/Spotted – $2500.00

Charcoal ( Silver, brown, Snow) Rosette/Spotted - $2500.00

Brown (all colour variations) Rosette/Spotted – $2300.00

Silver (all colour variations) Rosette/Spotted - $2300.00

*Price range depends on whether Bengal kitten is of show quality or pet quality

* Price includes a kitten package and crate for all kitten buyers. We are happy to arrange Australia Wide flights at new owners expense. Please see Kitten page for what you receive with your new furbaby.

We offer a $100 discount per kitten when kittens are adopted in pairs or on your second kitten if you adopt one at a later date. Bengal kittens are like potato chips….its REALLY hard to have just one!

Show/breeding Bengal kittens

* SHOW/BREEDING BENGAL KITTENS are sold to approved registered catteries only and the price ranges from $4500 to $6500, depending on the kitten.